As a bridge connects
precious things to people

Being a company who "wraps trust," "conveys excitement," and "connects the world."

Possibilities and expectations for the future.
Trust and excitement to the world.


  • Packwell is a (COMPANY) who share a common purpose.
  • Packwell is a (STAGE) where you can turn your dreams into reality.
  • Packwell grows with the energy of profit. (GOING CONCERN)
  • Packwell contributes to our customers. (CUSTOMER SATISFACTION)
  • Packwell is committed to social and internal wellness. (WELLNESS)

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Rigid box is a container produced and delivered in three-dimensional form and does not collapse like a folding carton, and wrap (usually composed of paper, leather, or fabric) is adhered to a plain box made of chipboard. Our factory in China is also capable of producing rigid boxes at a high quality level. Cover comprehensively means cardboard wrapped by paper or paper cloth, used for deluxe book covers, CD or DVD jackets, photo mounts, and so on. The quality of our cover, which we have built up over many years, is highly regarded by many customers.

  • 表紙貼り
  • 貼箱


By combining special machines such as automatic pasting and melting machines, we are able to mass-produce a wide variety of paper containers and paper products.

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We have been in business for over 100 years
as a leading manufacturer of rigid boxes for luxury brands,
meeting the most demanding requests in Japan and abroad.

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With not only our domestic factory (Packwell and Corewell) but also our group factories in China and the Philippines, we are able to select materials and import/export suitable for overseas (Europe, US, Middle East, Asia) regulations, as well as to meet your delivery date and budget.

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